T-REX SMALL ARMS The Tiger Tank™ Muzzle Brake


The Tiger Tank™ Muzzle Brake is easily recognized by WWII enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Just look at it! Who wouldn’t want such a badass-looking German tank brake on their AR? T-Rex Small Arms now makes it possible to own a fully-functional, smaller-scale piece of history. This is our interpretation based on actual dimensions taken from a real tiger tank brake. In scaling this brake down, we’ve skewed a few things to make it work well with the AR. And it is outstanding. Currently offered in .223/5.56 with a ½”-28 UNEF-3B thread. Comes with crush washer.

Caliber:                     5.56 or .223

Thread:                     1/2″-28TPI UNEF-3B

Finish / Coating:       Diamond Like Carbon Coating

Rating:                      10.5″ barrels and longer, full auto

Note:  NEVER place hands near the muzzle brake when shooting.  Keep hands well clear of muzzle brake during operation.   Bystanders and adjacent shooters should be cleared of adjacent areas to avoid side blast from muzzle brake.   The shooter’s hand position should be at least 3″ behind the rear of the muzzle brake.  The muzzle brake should never be installed, even partially, inside a tactical handguard.    The shooter must use caution when used around other shooters and warn all users of maintaining distance from muzzle blast area.    Double ear protection should be worn with these muzzle devices.

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