T-REX SMALL ARMS AR-15 Rifle | 5.56 NATO/.223 REM | Sniper Gray (T-REX15 A-00032)



Serial Number: A-00032

Model: T-REX15 SuperPremium series

Headspace and Chamber: SAAMI/NATO Minimum headspace (1.4636”), 5.56 NATO

Custom gunsmithing work: Very extensive, 35 processes no one else performs.

Receivers: 7075 T6 Forged Upper and Lower, T-REX SMALL ARMS, Sniper Gray

Trigger Guard: Custom T-REX SMALL ARMS screw mounted, Sniper Gray

Barrel Brand: Ballistic Advantage, 18”, SPR Profile,1:7 twist, ½” x 28 TPI, 4150 CMV

Gas System Length & Type: Rifle Length Direct Impingement Adjustable

Muzzle Device: JP Recoil Eliminator

Charging Handle: Griffin Armament SNACH Ambi-Charging Handle

Handguard: Seekins SP3R in Picatinny (12:00) & M-LOK Rail (3, 6, & 9:00), Sniper Gray

Gas Block: SLR Adjustable Clamp-on

Stock: Magpul UBR Gen 2, Black

Pistol Grip: ERGO TDX-0 Tactical Deluxe Zero Angle Suregrip Grip, Black

Foregrip: Fab Defense PTK/VTS Combo, Black

Barricade Stop: SLR Rifleworks, M-Lok handstop Mod1 – barricade

Trigger: American Trigger Corp, AR-Gold, Curved, 4.5 lb

Trigger Anti-walk/Anti-Rotation Pins: KNS Precision

Bolt Carrier Group: Sharps AR-15 Xtreme Performance Bolt Carrier & Reliabolt in DLC

Extractor Spring: Colt Gold

Ejector Spring: Colt

Recoil Spring: Strike Industries Flat-wound, cryogenically treated

Buffer: Custom T-REX with Recoil Spring Adapter

Safety / Selector: ArmaSpec., Black

Bolt Catch: Geissele Automatics, Maritime Bolt Catch

Mag Release: Odin Works, XMR 3, Gunmetal Gray

Ambi-Mag Release: Troy Ambi-Mag release

Takedown & Pivot Pins: ArmaSpec Enhanced

Forward Assist: SSS Gas Vent Plug, no FA

End Plate: N/A

BUIS: 45 deg offset Troy with KNS Precision Duplex Crosshair front post

Bipod: UTG Recon Flex M-Lok Bipod

Optic: N/A

Mags: 3 x Lancer L5AWM, Clear Translucent

Sling: Gray Magpul MS3 with QD swivel conversion to MS4

Soft Case: Black, Double Rifle, backpack style, with internal tiedowns, and many pockets

Lube: 4 oz bottle of Slip2000 EWL

Tool: Ball-end, T-Handle, Hex Key, Ultra-grip, 2mm Size for Adjustable Gas Block

Warranty: Lifetime

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Our SuperPremium series rifles leave no stone unturned.  We workover the rifle with extensive gunsmithing enhancements to ensure the ultimate in reliability is achieved.  No one else offers all of what we do.  We go to extreme steps and perform up to 35 processes that are over-and-above any mass-produced rifle on the market. We can’t tell you all the steps we take and perform, but on the occasion that we have read off the list to nay-sayers, their jaw drops before we get a quarter of the way into the list.  At that point they understand our price point and realize it really is a good deal for the money.

Every SuperPremium T-REX15 firearm has its barrel and bolt carefully selected and matched to set the resulting headspace to SAAMI/NATO minimum headspace for the longest bolt life, safe chamber pressures and more consistent velocities.  We can handle any standard pressure domestic military or commercial grade ammunition in 5.56 NATO or .223 Remington cartridges.  Using domestic military and commercial grade, in-spec, ammunition, our minimum headspace setting results in a better seal of chamber gas pressure, and more consistent gas pressure results in reduced precision dispersion.

We also pressure lap the lugs of the bolt and barrel extension together with a proprietary pressure lapping process to ensure all of the lugs are taking and spreading the load.  This goes a long way in eliminating any infant mortality of any overloaded lug pair.

Springs are critical for reliability and our SuperPremium series use only the best on the market.  We only use Colt Gold or Sprinco Brand Ejector and Extractor Springs and flat-wound, cryogenically treated, recoil springs that offer a lower overall charging force withoutout stacking effect, but a higher in-battery load for a slightly longer bolt closed time, reducing stress in the bolt lugs and extractor and longer recoil spring life.

We test and tune every SuperPremium firearm with a combat load-out of 7x 30rd mags and if needed, a bit more. Does anyone else spend ~$300+ worth of ammo proving out each and every firearm?  We break-in each firearm, check each mag for proper operation, check full functionality, tune its gas setting, sight-in BUIS and any Optics to get you well on paper and ensure the firearm is not over or under gassed.  We provide a shot target showing precision capability of each firearm.  This results in an extremely long-life firearm with less heat and fouling in the action, slower reciprocating action speed and lower stresses, and a cooler, softer recoil, flatter running firearm.

Every firearm is manufactured with 100% Made in the USA components (Fab Defense components are made in Israel), with the only exception being a few optics.  We stand behind our brand of firearms and have a lifetime warranty on every SuperPremium firearm.


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