Ohio Ordinance Works – M240-SLR (SPECIAL ORDER – CONTACT US)


Package Includes:

  •  Sling with hook assembly
  • Regulator scraper
  • Plastic lubricant
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Brass hammer
  • Spanner wrench
  • Assembly tool
  • Safety glasses
  • Ruptured cartridge case extractor
  • Crew served weapons tool
  • Disassembly tool
  • M240 custom fitted hard case
  • 2,500 M13 links
  • Parts pouch
  • Operating & tech manual

Delivering minute-of-angle (MOA) accuracy, high capacity, and proven durability, this weapon is ideal for situations which require highly accurate, sustained, controlled fire. The M240-SLR is dimensionally identical to the M240, and is able to integrate into any M240 mounting system. The most noticeable difference between the M240-SLR and the M240 machine gun is that the SLR fires from a closed bolt. Many of the internal parts of the firearm have been redesigned, introducing an entirely new breed of M240. The bolt and trigger groups are new and not interchangeable with the original M240. These new internal parts are all manufactured by OOW at our ISO certified facility where we are able to ensure that quality meets our stringent standards. While the internal mechanism of the firearm has been redesigned, we’ve kept it simple. The M240-SLR requires only two tools to break it down. All other actions such as barrel changing, loading, feed cover functions, etc. remain the same as the original M240. In field tests, using match ammunition, a randomly chosen weapon effortlessly produced minute-of-angle (1”) groups at 100 yards! In both single and rapid fire (400 rpm) tests, absolutely no malfunctions were experienced with the gun… a true testament to its superb engineering.

Caliber                   7.62 x 51mm
Finish                     Parkerized (weather resistant)
Action                     Closed bolt, semi-automatic
Weight                    Empty 24.2 pounds
Length                    Overall 47.5 inches with flash hider
Barrel                      Length 20 inches
Sights                     Adjustable iron
Stock                      Polymer

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