Safety - Don’t become complacent.

Accidents happen to very experienced people too.  Don’t become complacent.   Some of the following incidents occurred for various reasons, failures, unfortunate chain reactions, etc.  No blame is being pointed, it’s just tragic that it happened.  Please be careful and make sure others are careful around you.

It’s your responsibility to make sure that anyone that uses your firearm knows of the dangers of hot, supersonic, combustion gases and keeps their hands are well clear from the muzzle and any muzzle brake exhaust ports.   Don’t let them use the firearm until they acknowledge where unsafe hand positons are.    Muzzle Brakes and the muzzle blast itself are inherently dangerous to the operator if a hand slips or if they are installed to close to the support hand position or under a handguard.  

Muzzle Brakes should be installed well clear and forward of the ends of handguards, at least 3” extended beyond handguard, and nowhere near the support hand position.   Use a sturdy hand stop to prevent hand injury.   A muzzle blast can shred nearby car sheet metal, hoods, roof, trunk lids, etc without having a projectile hit them.   It destroys handguards of those who don’t know better.

See damage to handguards where the owner installed a muzzle brake under the handguard.  Imagine what it will do to flesh.

Keltec KSG accidents (graphic - not for kids) where the supporting hand was shot from a mechanical failure..

Revolver injury (graphic - not for kids) to support hand thumb near cylinder gap

Please use a sturdy hand stop, keep hands well clear of muzzle brake blasts and only install muzzle brakes at least 3” forward of the end of the handguard.