About Us

T-REX SMALL ARMS was established by an Aggie Mechanical Engineer named Tim Hughes after getting laid off from the Subsea Oil & Gas Industry during a downturn in early 2016.   Tim worked as an subsea oil & gas engineer for about 23 years and was on the BP Thunder Horse project for 15 full years before the layoff.  

After months of searching for a new job with the same lack of results, he decided to get his FFL Type 07 to manufacture and sell firearms.   Firearms design had always been a big interest to him and by the looks of the current "top" muzzle brakes on the market, he knew he could create a better muzzle brake.  One that offered more recoil reduction, flatter shooting without the barrel flip, maintaining the muzzle on target for faster follow-up shots.  That one brake design quickly turned into almost 30 designs as the imagination went nuts with the designs possible, and that is just for the 5.56mm caliber.  More designs will come for other calibers where needed.  So then all sorts of designs were thought up for everything from adjustable gas blocks, innovative trigger guards that offer more than usual functionality, M-lok rail accessories, back-up iron sights, etc. etc.   Having experimented with reducing recoil, he decided to offer the firearms industry a new AR-15 design that incorporates some of the most advanced surface treatments, materials, and designs in the industry.   But all that comes at a hefty price.  But if you want the best, you have to prepare for the cost.

He also didn't want to "lock-in" the consumer to only being able to use a certain tactical handguard based on an "enhanced" upper receiver and handguard design. He wanted to leave the upper receiver interface to the handguard as the standard mil-spec'ish design to give the consumer options for upgrades later without being locked into only one brand.   

T-REX SMALL ARMS stands behind all of its products with a lifetime warranty for manufacturer's defects. If you ever have any issues with a product, we want to know about it, so we can make it right and solve the problem as quickly as possible. We are always interested in your opinions and input on products and seeking to find the "best-of-the-best" products to offer our customers. We are not a "me-too" company offering the dirt-cheap base stripped down models. 

There are some extremely high quality, Tier 1 ARs on the market today but most are low-grade. Let me explain that. Grade has nothing to do with quality. It has to do with the functionality and level of upgrades offered. Many manufacturers make excellent products, I own many brands myself, but most still offer basic models, stripped bare. Very few upgrades are the norm, and that's fine. Most people like to upgrade over time at their own pace and budget. So there are plenty of vendors in that market to chose from. We take a different approach at T-REX SMALL ARMS. We offer only high-grade (highly upgraded), high quality firearms that are ready for duty/service right out of the box. No break-in is required. We may not be the vendor of choice for everyone, but that's OK, its a big pond. There is something for everyone in the firearms industry.

We do not keep a huge inventory of all the various brands of accessories because we only stock the parts we will use within our own AR firearm builds. If you feel another component is superior to our selection, feel free to make the suggestion that we carry and use the product and we may add the product into our R&D model for torture testing.

Our firearms are based on the R&D models that have undergone extensive testing in the field to check for reliability and failure modes. Our R&D models undergo thousands of rounds before we release the same model with identical build-specs for sale. They take the abuse so we can stand behind the product and know it is high quality. We break-in each and every firearm with the barrel manufacturer's recommended break-in procedure and check for proper operation, safety functions, accuracy and reliability. We check that each and every firearm has undergone an extensive documented break-in, commissioning, accuracy and reliability check. You get that documentation with every firearm purchase. We provide the shot targets showing each firearm's precision with our R&D scope. We provide a full build list showing every step taken to ensure a quality build, documenting every thread sealant application, every torque, every function check performed, the break-in process, etc. Does any other vendor provide that level of quality assurance?

Like we said, we may not be the vendor for everyone, but for those who purchase our firearms, you're going to have a big smile on your face. You'll never be satisfied with the base AR builds again once you've shot our low-recoil, precision firearms. We don't want our firearms to be safe queens. Take them out, use them, scratch them, drop them, drag them, give them character from the abuse of a duty life.  Feel confident that we stand behind our products and they will perform when needed.