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This is a crucial class that many new shooters need to take, especially prior to the LTC class.  We are NRA certified to teach NRA Beginner’s Pistol Classes but we offer our own version of training which helps the new shooter develop skills faster and leave the range shooting more accurately than most people on the range. 

We have entered many ranges to see a range full of targets with absolutely no groupings, or 48” groupings from 3-5 yards.  I’ve seen people miss a 48” x 48” backdrop from 10 ft.  And some of these people want to take LTC classes.

We can take a typical first time pistol user and by the end of the class they can usually shoot the best target groupings on the typical range.    It really doesn’t take much to be the best shooter at the range, but it really adds to the value of the class when you can walk out of the range with the skills and see firsthand how much better you are than the typical shooter after just one class.   

We use several high-tech and low-tech training aids to allow the beginner to focus on certain skills without being overwhelmed by the range experience. 

We cover the fundamentals:

  • Safety Rules
  • Range rules
  • Pistol orientation and manual of arms
    • Loading and unloading
    • Cocking and Decocking
    • Placing safety on and off
    • Clearing jams, failure to feed, failure to eject
  • Eye Dominance determination
  • Two-handed and one-handed grips
  • Bench rest shooting seated or standing with weights or lanyards
  • Aiming: Sight Alignment & Sight Picture
  • Natural point of aim
  • Natural arc of movement and hold control, breath control
  • Trigger control, don’t anticipate, be surprised
  • Follow through
  • Trigger Reset, follow-up shots
  • Common error corrections

It’s all a bit overwhelming to the first-timer.  After covering the basic safety drills, and showing proper operation and handling of the firearm, we practice first with an unloaded firearm to make sure the beginner is safe and ready for live shooting.   We practice dry-firing and also dry-firing using the Cool-Fire Training system to gradually bring the shooter into proper form.  This allows the shooter to experience a lighter recoil while training.  

We also utilize the Mantis-X Firearms Training System to give feedback to the shooter while dry firing with and without the Cool-Fire System and again during live fire training.  We utilize recoil reducing weights and bench rests to ease the beginner into live fire.  How many beginners do you know that can leave the class with proper use of trigger reset?  After the fundamentals are shown to be understood, we progress into live fire.   We also provide you with a booklet of firearms safety, practice and training you can use on your own after class to maintain your skills.

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