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We are Texas DPS certified and licensed to teach LTC for the State of Texas.  We are also NRA certified for beginner pistol instruction.  We HIGHLY recommend anyone wanting to get their LTC first take several pistol courses.  This is crucial.  The LTC course if not a course to teach you how to operate or fire your pistol.  You need to have those skills already.  DO NOT enroll in a LTC course if you do not have fundamental pistol skills.  You need to know all safety rules and show proficiency.

Talk to any LTC trainer and they will tell you most people do not know how to handle their firearm or have the basics of shooting fundamentals.  Many shouldn’t carry firearms due to lack of proper knowledge of firearms safety or respect for the dangers of carrying a firearm.  But it’s their right.  And we won’t stand in the way of people’s rights, but we will remove anyone from our class that exhibits dangerous behavior that could endanger others.

LTC Class

Price: $100 per person (in-home) or $120 per person (class at range classroom), prefer groups of up to 10 people.  Student pays range fee on second day.  Can be taught in home or at local ranges.

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