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This is another great class that is taught in your own home, showing methods of home defense and room clearing using a pistol and with mace or stun-gun back-up.  We utilize all the same high-tech training aids from the beginner class and distribute surprise laser target “bogies” throughout the home for a surprise scenario.  Using a laser shooting system and a recoil producing actuator, you can slowly clear your home of boogie men.  This turns the home into a personal shoothouse where the student does not know where to expect the laser targets to be found.  Great experience in the daytime but much better in a dark house at night.   We show proper methods for slicing the pie, approaching doorways, opening doors, safe words, and room clearing.  Work as a 2-person team or individually.  Cardboard bogies make for exciting experience.   

We provide:

  • recoiling laser-pistols, (real firearms equipped with actuator and laser)
  • laser targets,
  • diversion devices,
  • and cardboard bogies (good and bad guys).

It’s so much fun you may want to continue practicing using your own gear.  We sell it all.

We treat the laser-trainer pistol like a real firearm to reinforce safety and muzzle awareness. 

Note: Up-to 2 adults, and any amount of kids can participate.  Only the adults will train with the Cool-Fire trainer and Mantis-X equipped pistol.)   No ammo will be handled during the class.  No other firearms will be handled during the class.

Home Defense Class $450 for approximately 3 hours

Contact us at tim@t-rexsmallarms.com to set up a training session in Houston area.

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